small steps to big goals

power – serenity – focus


Dr. Viola Lifka

Trainer and Mentor


photo by Thomas Jantzen
Have you experienced any of the following feelings?

You feel overwhelmed and constantly anxious.

You love your occupation but are still often dissatisfied.

You ask yourself – Where has my joy gone?


You feel bugged out and often react irritably.

You have the feeling – I am barely functioning.

You have the impression – Life is passing me by.

You are successful in business but …

in spite of it, you are not happy.

you cannot savour your successes.

you have the feeling – I have come up short.


you notice your energy fades away.

you are sometimes unsure you use energy wisely.

you have concluded you cannot go on like this.

Do you wish that

your life was easier, with more energy and less stress?

you had more inner peace and were able to recharge?

you could find space again to relax?


you had more energy for yourself?

you could give more power to do the things that do you good?

you could find more energy for family, friends and hobbies?

How you will benefit

You will start seeing problems as a challenge to new paths.

Your reorientation will fill you with joy.

You will discover options for an easier life.

You will experience greater satisfaction with your life and yourself.


Your friends, partner and family will give you strength.

You will perceive the abundance in your life.

You will become focused und energetic.

You will find balance and no longer be so strict with yourself and others.


You will feel comfortable in your own skin.

You will be able to filter a wide range of information and external stimuli well.

You will create a pleasant productive atmosphere for yourself and others.

You will become highly effective with little expenditure of energy.

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Mini-Breaks for People who Lead Busy Lives

7 highly effective energy exercises for in-between
small steps to big goals

As a trainer, mentor and kinesiologist I accompany successful women on a path towards a lighter life with more happiness and energy. I support you to achieve a body and energy balance as well as a high level of power and wellbeing. I work with various energy methods, meditation and kinesiology. The result is that you will find balance, energy and joy.

photo by Thomas Jantzen
Techniques I use

Mental Training


Energy Balancing


Relexation Exercises


Spiritual Balancing 

Working Method

I have adopted a holistic approach since I was young.

My focus is on small, practical steps to strengthen yourself in everyday life. Together we practice exercises that are easy to learn and implement. After each training session you have 14 days to consolidate what you have learned and to integrate it into your everyday life. I encourage you to explore other perspectives and try new things. The aim is that you have a wide range of tools available at the end of the training. You can recognise new perspectives and have energy and joy for your daily challenges.

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be powerful

recharge and regulate your energy

Would you like to face your day with more energy? You will get instructions on how to perceive, replenish and balance your personal energy potential. An energy balance helps you to master your challenges with more joy.

by Gabriela Mehl /

stay calm

strengthen your center

Would you like to cope better with the multitude of external stimuli? I support you in achieving body and energy balance. By continuously making small steps you will learn to control your energy and use it for yourself. By strengthening your center and finding peace within yourself you will be able to act more relaxed.

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 be more focused 

align your energy

Do you know the feeling that your energy is scattered in all directions and that you achieve little with a lot of effort? I support you in using your power efficiently and to act effectively by bundling your energies. Focusing your energy you will create additional space for your visions and dreams.

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Only 1 minute to feel relaxed and revitalised

Mini-Breaks for People who Lead Busy Lives

7 highly effective energy exercises for in-between
Offers – also ONLINE
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Energy Booster for Daily Life

Would you like more energy and serenity to shape your life according to your needs? You will learn how to organise your energy and use your breaks to refill empty pools. Maintain, expand and use the three pillars of strength, serenity and focus in a holistic way.

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Energy Booster

Feel Good Weight

Do you want to loose weight and keep it off? To “make mistakes” is allowed here. Selected energy exercises help you to follow the path to your feel-good weight and to stick with it. An improved physical and energy well-being supports a regulated eating behavior. The Three-Pillar-Training accompanies you in sustainable weight regulation.

by Rainer Sturm /

Energy Booster Kinesiology

Would you like to do something good for yourself and also revitalise your body? Kinesiology helps raise your energy levels. Additionally I support you with energy exercises. Kinesiological tests show us what exercises, nutritional supplements or essences can strengthen you. Kinesiology on a physical level is rounded off by the Three-Pillar-Training


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Customer Voices

Diana Cadavic • Innovation Project Manager at Mondi Group

Viola is a very committed, organized, patient, professional trainer. She has a very vast knowledge in the different aspects of mindfulness and well being. She has guided me through my journey focusing in my special needs and feelings. I have had a great experience getting dip down inside me thanks to Viola’s help. She has equipped me with the tools and techniques I need to continue in this journey of mindfulness. Deeply thankful with Viola!

Ivana Vujosevic • Operation/Facility Specialist at Western Union International Bank

I have attended the training “Energy Booster for the Daily Life”. I strongly recommend Viola as a highly knowledgable, structured and at the same time a very open and outstanding mentor. Her knowledge, dedication and commitment to each of us in the group was amazing. She knew how to bring the best out of each person. She would always provide very practical, tiny tools which are easy to implement and at the same time life changing. I admire her for many reasons and I do hope more people will have a chance to work with her.

Christiane Werzowa • Gründerin “Institut für Farbe und Stil” und “Choramlight”.

Ich kenne Dr. Viola Lifka noch als Ärztin in ihrer homöopathischen Praxis in Wien und Salzburg. Damals wie heute war und ist ihr die Sicht auf den Menschen mit seinen Eigenheiten und Begabungen wichtig. Sie war es auch, die mich auf den Weg der Farben und folglich des Lichtes geführt hat –  wofür ich ihr immer dankbar sein werde. Was ich an Dr. Lifka besonders schätze, sind die Kombination von klarem Verstand und offenem, wertungsfreiem Herzen, ihre Lust auf Neues, ihr Humor und die Gabe Menschen zu inspirieren und dabei zu unterstützen ihre Lebensträume zu verwirklichen. Dr. Lifka ist ein ganz wichtiger Mensch in meinem Leben.